Mapping Twitter Topics and Sentiment about FAAMG Companies since Covid-19 Outbreak


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1 Motivation

On a whim, I mapped out what people say (the text) and feel (the sentiment) about the top tech companies (FAAMG) on twitter since the Covid-19 outbreak. The keywords and sentiment that are associated with the main topics should differ across these companies.

By no means I am drawing any causal association here. But the story starts with checking the recent price movements of the FAAMG stocks. Obviously, Covid-19 has impacted these companies quite differently.

FAAMG stock price

2 Procedures

2.1 Data Source

For each company, I downloaded 1,000 tweets containing the company name as the hashtag (e.g. “#amazon” for Amazon). I used Python module “tweepy” to stream the data and set the “since” parameter to ‘2020-03-01’, which collects a sample of 1,000 tweets since March 1st.

2.2 Topic Modeling

Using Python module “gensim”, I detected three most significant topics (including Covid-19, business, and daily life), which are named by the associated keywords (most relevant terms).

latent topics and revevant terms

Using Python module “vaderSentiment”, I computed sentiment scores for each tweet and aggregated the scores by company. The topic-based sentiment scores are used to construct the perceptual map, in which each company takes a different position. Using Python module “nltk”, I find the most frequent topic-based co-occurring words for each company.

3 Results

3.1 Perceptual Map of FAAMG Based on Topic Sentiment

perceptual map and the positioning of each company

It looks Amazon does well on all topics, especially on Covid-19-related topic. Microsoft and Apple do well on “Business”.

3.2 Keywords Co-occurrence Network on Each Topic

Here are the work keywords co-occurrence patterns for each topic of these companies.

Amazon Word-Association Network

Apple Word-Association Network

Facebook Word-Association Network

Google Word-Association Network

Microsoft Word-Association Network

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